A long overdue update.

Ok, so it turns out I’m not so good at documenting what we’re up to. I promise I will try harder.

Here’s what’s happened since my very first post (when I finally made the decision to do this whole farm thing but before anything had really happened):

  1. I quit my dream job. For what I hope will be another dream job! I love teaching, I love all my students (current and former), I love the school that let me craft my own vision of what Montessori middle school math should be. And, I knew that my beautiful, special, bold, fearless, autistic child needed to be somewhere else.
  2. I now have two legal entities to my name: Foxglove Grove, our slice of paradise for the general public, and Foxglove Farm School, which is pretty much what you’d think, given my previous life. Maybe someday we’ll have a full-time school happening here, but for now, I’m satisfied that what we can offer existing schools is unique, important, and necessary.
  3. We bought a farm. Thanks to our new friend Sonja, her property is now our property. All nine beautiful acres! Welcome to Caldwell, Foxglove Grove.
  4. I am still working on getting infrastructure in place for school programs, though I realize that in our current COVID-19 world, it seems I have plenty of planning time. We put bunkhouses on hold for now so that we can focus on getting the kitchen garden and outdoor dining space set up instead.
  5. We brought all our chickens from Houston. We got guineas, more chicks, and GOATS! Next up is bees.
  6. Over the next few months, I’ll be planting more and working the land so that we’ll be ready for students whenever schools are ready to bring them. I am hoping to do a soft launch “advisory day” sometime this fall (if you were in my advisory, you’ll be hearing from me soon), and also our first farm to table dinner. If you’re interested in hanging out here before any of that happens, we’d love to have you. If you’re interested in maybe doing some work, even better. CALL ME! 🙂

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