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Foxglove Grove is a family team. I (Monica Lundeen) am a career Montessori educator who sees that the land is as much of an educational tool as Euclid’s Elements. And if you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE Euclid. I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed extensive travel with students over the years, but the time spent on the land was always the most memorable and the most rewarding. My vision of an educational utopia is finally taking shape. Diving into a new venture amidst a global pandemic has provided many challenges, and has also allowed the time to focus on developing these ideas to accommodate other groups. So, instead of spending a whole week at the farm, students (and the public!) can spend a day or even an afternoon on focused learning. This dream would never have become a reality without the support of my husband Mike Smith and two kids. Mike is a whiz with power tools and brings years of finely honed business acumen to the table. Eight year old Milo is “an Asperger’s kid” (as he calls himself) with a knack for routines and a love of animals. Mellie, a very wise four year old, can always tell us what other people are going to like and what they will (or won’t) want to do. Check out our Employee page for more info on all the other (non-human) family members who help us out.

At Foxglove Grove, we seek sustainable farming methods and products from the land, all while educating the next generation who are curious about where our food actually comes from. To the public, we offer seasonal produce and products, educational workshops, dinners at the farm, and seasonal events. To schools, we offer on-site focused learning experiences where students plan and execute land-based projects from start to finish.

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